Monthly Archives: October 2015

Joshua a Servant Leader leads Israel into the Promised Land

Joshua Leads Israel into the Promised Land October 23, 2015 JOSHUA WAS A LOYAL ASSISTANT TO MOSES Joshua supported Moses through his many problems leading the Israelites. He was a loyal servant, assistant leader to Moses. See Num 14:6 for one of many examples. A good leader is trained by learning to first follow orders…
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Beware of Dangerous Thoughts the Tenth Commandment

The Tenth Commandment: Beware of Dangerous Thoughts Oct. 16, 2015 IT IS THE ONLY COMMANDMENT THAT IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGAINST THOUGHTS God’s commands are to help live an abundant and happy life. Some thoughts undermine this happiness. Some thoughts we should never have. Violation of this commandment is the fountain from which almost all…
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Moses the Greatest of Prophets the Final Story

Moses the Greatest Prophet Part 2 The Final Story Oct 9th, 2015 LESSONS WE CAN LEARN FROM THE LIFE OF MOSES MOSES AND CHRIST ARE PARALLEL In part one, we covered the amazing parallel of Christ and Moses. God considered Moses as being so special that He sent His own Son as another Moses. See…
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