Chronology Of the Crucifixion

Wednesday - Nisan 14 - Night:
Jesus ate the Passover with his disciples beginning new testament symbols and Passover, Judas betrayed our savior. Christ appeared at high court.

Wednesday - Nisan 14 - Day:
Christ was crucified around 9:00 AM He died around 3:00 PM when the Passover lamb was killed.

Wednesday - Nisan 14 - Night:
Christ was put in the tomb before sunset around 5:00 PM Wednesday

Thursday (High Sabbath) - Nisan 15 - through - Sabbath - Nisan 17
The women brought prepared spices for Christ's Body between the 2 Sabbaths.

Sabbath - Nisan 17 - Evening/Night
Christ was resurrected around 5:00 PM on the Sabbath - which would have fulfilled the 3 days and 3 nights.

Sunday - Nisan 18 - After Sabbath
When the women returned to anoint Christ's Body, while it was still dark on Sunday morning Christ was already gone. (John 20:1)

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