Is the Trinity Doctrine Biblical ?

Pod Prep: Is The Trinity Doctrine Biblical? 5-9-16

Notice that the basic Bible Information is unsupportive.

Paul’s epistles in their greetings and acknowledgements do not put the Holy Spirit on a par with God the Father and God the Son Jesus Christ. Note I Cor. 1:3 Paul acknowledges the Father and Christ. Note in II Cor. 1:2 the same pattern exists. If the Holy Spirit is equal to the other two members of the God family why is it being overlooked? The obvious answer is that as great and powerful as God’s Holy Spirit is, it not on the same level as the other two members of the God Family. The greetings that the Apostles give, as speaking for God, do not acknowledge the Spirit as if it were also a member of the God family. Note II Peter 1:2. This pattern is continued throughout the New Testament.
I John 5:7 seems to support the Trinity Doctrine. However it is a forgery or an inserted verse that has no authority. It was inserted falsely many centuries later. We assume that those who wanted to prove the doctrine but could not do it from the scripture, inserted this verse 7 falsely. Note who John acknowledges in this letter. I John 1:3 shows that he has fellowship with the Father and with the Son, Jesus Christ. Not a mention of a third and equal God head.

Syncretism can explain the Trinity Doctrine

Just as the great apostasy mislead the majority of the WWCG at end of the twentieth century, this also happened to a majority of the true church at latter part of the first century; throughout the next two and half centuries. The church that was joined to the rulers of the Roman Empire was not the same church Christ and his Apostles started. Constantine and others syncretized Christianity with paganism. This allowed the Emperor to utilize the attractions of Christianity without forcing the pagans to alter their pagan behavior substantially. It was the best of both worlds to help rule and pacify the masses. The doctrine was agree upon in conferences presided over by leaders who were NOT Christians. Constantine in 321 A.D. when he presided over the Council of Nicaea was at that time a sun worshipper. During the council in 381, Nectarius presided and appeared to know no theology. At that point he had to be consecrated into the faith so that he could take charge of the meeting. They further finalized the Trinity Doctrine and ended any further disputes within the universal church.

The Holy Spirit is God’s Awesome Power

The Holy Spirit Is Like The Spiritual Right Hand Of God. The Father and the Son can project this intelligent power anywhere in the universe they wish 24/7 to do their explicit will. The Holy Spirit is the essence, power, mind and spiritual extension of God. God begets Christians as His sons through this Spirit. It strengthens a Christian spiritually, converts his mind and serves as an earnest or guarantee of eternal life.
The Holy Spirit is described in the Bible as "the Spirit of God," "the Spirit of the Lord," "the Spirit of Jesus Christ," "the Spirit of truth," and "comforter" or "advocate." It is the power of God, the mind of God and the extended means by which God accomplishes His work throughout the universe. As such, the Holy Spirit is not a separate entity, it has no independent existence as an individual entity or person within the Godhead.

It was through His Spirit that God created the earth (Gen. 1:2). It was through this Spirit that David received his moral strength (Psalm 51:10-13), and by it Elijah and Elisha-men with normal physical proclivities and weaknesses-were made into powerful prophets of God (2 Kings 2:9, 15). Even though these men and others had access to God's Spirit, it is also clear that they were among the relative few who in the Old Testament era were blessed with the privilege of actually having the mind and power of God, work with or dwell within them. The new covenant has allowed many to have access to the Spirit of God.

God is spirit (John. 4:24) and both members of the Godhead ("Elohim"), Father and Son, are literally composed of spirit; they are wholly made of spiritual essence, in the same fashion as we are made of physical particles. Yet God the Father and Jesus Christ are separate beings.

When we condemn the work of the Holy Spirit what are we doing?

The scribes and Pharisees out of jealousy, may have committed the unpardonable sin. Why is this true? Why did Jesus give this solemn warning out of love? The religious leaders were jealous and frightened of Jesus’s popularity. It made them look insipid and spiritually dead which they were at the time. Therefore they claimed that all His miracles were black magic and done by the devil’s power instead of acknowledging the witnessing of God’s power.
Christ was saying your condemning of these miracles done by God’s Holy Spirit is a kin to condemning God himself. This is the unpardonable sin. Attributing God’s work to the devil. Christ said to the leaders you are allowed to not believe in me. Thereby to fulfill the plans for Christ death the Jewish leaders were allowed to not believe in Jesus. However he warned them do not fight the obvious workings of God. This would ruin their character. See also Matt 12:24-29 & Luke 11:14-20.

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