Spiritually Led Deception on Ahab and Jezebel and America

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Spiritually Led Deception Allowed By God, How and Why? I Kings 22:19-23

God used Lying Spirits and False Prophets to Undermine the Northern 10 Tribes

Note in I Kings 22:6 that the king relied on the false prophets, misguided advisors to tell him what he wanted to believe. They were probably the paganized prophets of Jezebel that had not gone to Mt. Carmel and been executed by Elijah. They lied and told him that God would bless him and was with him. His ally the King of Judah asked for a prophet of the true God of Israel Jehovah, the English translation of Yehovah. But Ahab the king of the northern ten said yes one is available but he never says anything good about me. I wonder why? See verses 7-8, 13. He was told to agree with the other prophets for the sake of unity.
Finally the king is told the truth by true prophet that God has asked the spirit world how this king can be led to destruction. How can he be led to a fatal foreign policy? The answer was given in verses 22-23. They would be lying or deceptive false messages in the mouths of the false prophets to entice him to his death. Could we also have entered an age of false messages from the media and some clergy to lead America and Britain to destruction?

Are we also being led by those Who are Misled by the Evil Spiritual World?

Many of the leaders of the progressive movement in academia which trains our clerics and media personalities have been indoctrinated by Saul Alinsky’s book ‘Rules for Radicals’. That book in the forward was dedicated to Lucifer! Woe! Some of our leaders are reported to be devotees of that book! Remember Lucifer wants to entice mankind to destroy himself and is the father of lies. See John 8:44 and remember the great lie Satan told Adam and Eve you shalt not surely die. You have an immortal soul he said to them. People in just about all religions believe that lie to this day. Deception and doctored misleading statistics flood the public with misinformation to lead us in ungodly directions.
Many millennials do not know anything about the horrors of communism. The media and academia have dumbed down the younger generations. They know even less about the Bible and the true history of America or western civilization. God warned the Israelites against forgetting their past and God therefore allowing themselves to be misled by the world’s paganism. See Deut 12:30-32. He warned strongly against mixing the truth with worldly paganism and following paganized leaders. Deut 13:1-3.

Deification of Leaders Is a Form of Spiritual Lying

It takes a great deal of propaganda to make an ordinary human being seem like a god. But it can be done. It was done for a very homely and ordinary man Adolph Shicklgruber (Hitler). In totalitarian nations they always attempt to deify the central leader. For instance, in past years soldiers would visit elementary schools in Cuba and ask kids to pray for candy. No candy was forth coming. But when the children prayed to Castro and closed their eyes they received candy. These things are done to further cement the power of the state. In communist and fascist states they formed a kind of state religion with worship of their leader. Hitler believed that it gave his soldiers more war like motivation and determination to win for the Leader.
Hitler’s posters had him surrounded by glowing lights to create the halo effect. A descending eagle above him has messianic overtones. Stalin was similarly deified in poster, photos and movies giving him all the credit for winning the Russian Revolution and later the Battle of Berlin. He was not even at the Battle of Berlin but truth has nothing to do with the use of the media deifying a leader. Something more enormously evil than all the past deified dictators is coming soon to this world. The dictator is called the Beast. Note II Thess 2:3-5. He will usurp the third Temple and use it to be worshipped by the world. He will control of the means of propaganda in the media. They will make him into something the world will falsely worship. Why? See verses 9-12 where the devil deceives people because they do not love the truth. Strong delusion is coming to world. They now have learned to revel in lies. This abomination was quoted from Daniel by Jesus. See Daniel 11:36-39. Christ in his second coming will crush the super liar and bring in peace and love and truth. Other scriptures about spiritual deception to be investigated:

How to Avoid Spiritual Deception

America’s churches today are filled with spiritual deception. We have to be on guard against it if we are to make it into God’s Kingdom. Here are some things to watch out for. 1. Christlam, which is a movement to try to combine Christianity with Islam. It is a tactic of Muslims to deceive Christians to lower their defenses. The problem is they cannot be combined. One of the main tenants of Islam is that Allah has no son. If he has no son how in the world can Christians pretend that they can unite with a faith that denies that Christ who died for our sins, and was sent by God to save us is God’s Son? That one tenant should be enough for any knuckle head to realize that that there can be no unification only the surrender of our faith. They also have taquai which says that it is O.K. to lie to infidels if it serves Allah’s purposes. 2. Avoid any new truth that sounds too good. If it is not in the Bible it can’t be right. See II Tim 3:13.
3. Stay in the Bible. Study it daily. Make sure that you are so familiar with what it says that if someone is quoting the Bible and if they change a word, you will know it. Remember Satan is very clever and has his heart set on deceiving you if he can. 4. Watch out for churches that believe that you can do any sin you want as long as you say you have been born again. This thought is perhaps partially responsible for the horrible immorality that is extant in our country today. (Titus 1:14-16) 5. Watch out for feel good churches. They don’t want to be bothered with the truth that can enable them to be in God’s kingdom. They just want to feel good about themselves and sing and even dance!

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