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Should Christians Observe the Biblical Holy Days ?

Pod Prep 9-2-16: Should Christian Observe God’s Annual Holidays Described in the Bible? THEY ARE THE HOLY DAYS OF GOD NOT THE JEWS These Hoy Days were given not to just Judah but to all of Israel. They are described in the Bible as “The Feasts of the LORD. God calls them His Feast Days.…
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Bible Proving Footnotes for Seventh Day Sabbath

Footnotes: For your Bibles Proofs of the 7th day Sabbath: Gen 2:2-3 Created by God when mankind was created. God only can make time holy. Exodus 16:29 The Sabbath reintroduced to the Israelites before the Old Covenant given at Mt. Sinai. Matt 5:17-19 Jesus Christ came to fully explain the laws not to do away…
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