Bible Proving Footnotes for Seventh Day Sabbath

Footnotes: For your Bibles
Proofs of the 7th day Sabbath:

Gen 2:2-3 Created by God when mankind was created. God only can make time holy.
Exodus 16:29 The Sabbath reintroduced to the Israelites before the Old Covenant given at Mt. Sinai.
Matt 5:17-19 Jesus Christ came to fully explain the laws not to do away with them until the physical universe ends.
Matt 12:8 Jesus was Lord of the Sabbath not Sunday.
Mark 1:21 Jesus taught on the seventh day Sabbath.
Mark 2:27-28 Jesus is lord of the Sabbath which was made to help direct mankind toward true God of creation and give spiritual and physical rejuvenation.
Luke 4:16 Jesus custom was to keep the Sabbath.

New Testament Teachings among the Gentiles beyond the Jewish Society.

Acts 17:2 Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles custom was also to teach on the Sabbath.
Acts 13:42-44 Paul had a chance to fulfill the gentile’s desires to meet them alone on Sunday the next day and instead preached to them on the NEXT Sabbath. If they had been keeping Sunday for nearly 20 years then he surely would have said something.
Acts 21:20-24 the church leaders in Jerusalem tell Paul to show by involving himself in the Nazarite purification ceremony that he supported ALL of the then Bible the Old Testament. If Paul and the other church leaders like James and John had altered the Sabbath to Sunday for any reason then this entire demonstration would be seen as a complete fraud and useless. The other Jews in Jerusalem would have said since you Christian do not even keep the Sabbath in the heart of the law then this ceremony is a joke if you trying to prove that you and Paul are obedient to the written laws. The Christian church leaders would have never even have thought it could work if they had changed to Easter (Ishtar) and Sunday instead of God’s Holy Days.
Acts 24:14 Paul states that he supports and believes in the Old Testament.
Isa 66:22-23 In the future all the world will keep the Sabbath.

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