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Pentecost a Jubilee of Thanks Over Our Liberation

Pentecost a Time of Rejoicing Over Freedom PENTECOST IS A CELEBRATION OF LIBERATION FROM SLAVERY The Israelites were freed after the Passover plague crushed Egyptian families. This was just punishment by God because the Egyptians all cooperated in killing Israel's sons. God balances the scales of justice. Ex 1:22 And Pharaoh charged all his people,…
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The True Meaning of Tongues in Pentecost

Pod Prep: 5-19-17 THE TRUE MEANING OF THE DAY OF PENTECOST IN ACTS 2 MANY IN THE WORLD ASSUME THAT SPEAKING IN TONGUES MEANS EMOTIONAL BABELING. Many in the world assume emotional extremes are what God requires. Some fall on the floor foaming at the mouth when the “spirit” falls on them. They are often…
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The Deep Repentance of David a Man after God’s own Heart

POD Prep: 4-27-17 The Deep Repentance of David A Man After God's Own Heart. DAVID MADE A CLEAN, COMPLETE REPENTANCE -NO EXCUSES Unlike King Saul, when David was confronted with his sins he repented. David made no excuses. He took full responsibility. Primarily, he repented with God in mind. 2Sa 12:13 And David said unto…
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