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Welcome to Johnson County, Illinois, a little bit of heaven located in Southern Illinois. Nestled between majestic bluffs and breathtaking wetlands, Johnson County is easy to reach and hard to forget. Come for a holiday. We are the "Bicycling Capital of Illinois" and one of the Prairie State's oldest historic communities. Come to do business. 16,700 vehicles travel through our county daily on I-24, and our workforce is reliable and ready. Think about your lifestyle and your family needs, and come home to Johnson County!

If you enjoy the sporting life, Johnson County is for you. We are the "Bicycling Capital of Illinois," and tourists from all over the world cycle trails with splendid scenery. Protected species and plentiful game inhabit the Shawnee National Forest and Cache River Nature Area. We even have our own Johnson County Olympics the first weekend of October and a Storytelling Festival the last Saturday of October.

The church meets at 1 PM on Saturdays at the cafeteria in the Johnson County Masonic Lodge at 1615 Old Route 146 [or Loop] in Vienna, Illinois.

E-mail all comments and questions to: James Ricks