Monthly Archives: May 2016

Why is grace so misunderstood?

Pod Prep: 5-20-16 Why Is Grace So Misunderstood By The World? Law and Grace, the Basics A scribe trying to trap Jesus, asked which was the greatest of the Commandments. They had clever comebacks to respond to whatever answer our Lord gave. But Christ stated that the purpose of the Law was to demonstrate how…
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Does the Bible Support Socialism & Communism ?

Pod Prep: 5-14-16 Does The Bible Support Socialism or Is It Man’s Philosophy? The Ways of This World Are Ungodly and Thereby Harmful John writes to the church not to love the ways of this world. Note I John 1: 15-17. This would include human governmental and philosophical approaches. See Col 2:8 where Paul warns…
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Is the Trinity Doctrine Biblical ?

Pod Prep: Is The Trinity Doctrine Biblical? 5-9-16 Notice that the basic Bible Information is unsupportive. Paul’s epistles in their greetings and acknowledgements do not put the Holy Spirit on a par with God the Father and God the Son Jesus Christ. Note I Cor. 1:3 Paul acknowledges the Father and Christ. Note in II…
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