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The Danger of Gnosticism for Christians

Pod Prep: 6-17-16 The Dangers of Gnosticism to Christians The New Testament Churches Two Front War -Judaizers and Gnostics During the early Church period when Jewish members outnumbered the gentile new converts, divisive, covert issues were secretly brought in by the Judaizing party. Even after the issues were settled in the conference of Acts Ch.…
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Spiritually Led Deception on Ahab and Jezebel and America

Pod Prep: Pentecost 6-10-16 LBL Spiritually Led Deception Allowed By God, How and Why? I Kings 22:19-23 God used Lying Spirits and False Prophets to Undermine the Northern 10 Tribes Note in I Kings 22:6 that the king relied on the false prophets, misguided advisors to tell him what he wanted to believe. They were…
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