Did Jesus tell us to Make Friends with Unrighteous Mammon ( The Prosperity Gospel)

Luke 16:9 Did Jesus Tell Us to Make Friends of the World Through Unrighteous Mammon (Money)?


Luke 1 6:1-3 tell of the financial manager’s impending dismissal from a lucrative position. In Verses 3-7 the manager develops a smart strategy. The master praises the estate manager for his shrewdness and Christ says men like that are wiser than we Christians. In verse 8 Christ says that the manager realizes that he must rely on the generosity of others in the future as he is being fired. He was clever enough to prepare for the future.

What about the Prosperity Gospel

Many ministers on television use scriptures like Luke 16: 11-12 to preach a Gospel of Prosperity. This message is almost singularly focused on one theme. You send money to my work and God will send you even more money. It is a sort of cash for cash type Ponzi scheme. This is obviously a gross over simplification of the Gospel as to be nearly criminal. You send in money to their media ministry which is about people being sold on a cash for cash scheme so God will give you more money. God’s blessing are not simply cash for cash. If we do not have to actually sacrifice some in giving we are missing the point of sacrificing in service and honor to God. Think of the widow’s two mite’s example. She sacrifices ALL and was praised by Jesus and no doubt blessed. But blessing do not always come in the form of cash.

How to give our hearts to God!

Christ in Matt 6:19-21 said the way to dedicate our hearts to God is to wisely use material things. He says where your treasure is there will your heart be also. The point of sacrificing material wealth to God is to help us learn to love God. Give ourselves to God by sacrificing for his things and his work!
Moral of the Story
What is the mammon of unrighteousness? It is riches, money. Money is not evil in of itself, money is amoral. The ‘love ‘of money is a root of evil. We should be wise in our use of money. We also are stewards. We need to learn to be wise stewards. The implications of Luke 16:9 is clear. Lay up for ourselves riches in heaven. We cannot take this sinful world’s wealth with us when we die, but we can use our resources of time, labor and money and influence to help others and God’s Church. Helping to lead others to true repentance by helping the work of God is a spiritual achievement. It is a wise thing to do with our mammon.
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