Did Angels Marry Women and Breed a Race of Giants ( Gen 6:1-4) ?

Pod Prep 2-10-17

Did Angels Marry Women and Engender a Race of Giants? Gen 6:1-4


Evil dominated some portions of pre-flood society and at some point, altered the entire society. This greatest act of God driven destruction to a society would only have come because they rejected God in a dramatic and evil manner. Society had obeyed God to multiply; however this expanded population turned to evil. They were fulfilling God’s command to multiply in an evil manner. Note Gen 6:1-2.
The more Godly societies which maintained some levels of righteousness were either merged or conquered at some crucial point by the evil decadent societies. These societies may have had a connection to Cain, the murderer. One thing that is clear, if the two societies are merged by force or deception, the evil more violent groups will dominate the nicer people. Go to any playground and mix bad kids with nice ones and see the results. The entire pre-flood society probably had a version of the “Great Falling Away”. See II Thess. 2:3, 11.
God used Noah the prophet to warn them of the dire evil direction they were following. God was so gracious that at the point of the evil domination of the population, He gave them 120 years to repent. Note Gen 6:3. The people were given a visual warning sign as well. It was the giant ship being built ‘inland’. Time went by with the warning ship getting larger and larger. Yet their false prophets probably told them it was a joke. They no doubt told them that evil was good and God’s ways were wrong or old fashioned. They probably told people that the power of the leader was all that counted. In plots and schemes for power the most evil ruthless leaders often prevail. Look at the Bolsheviks in Russia. The most vicious of the revolutionary parties got control.

We have seen this sort of thing in our lifetime. The National Socialist Party tried to get tall Arian men and women to breed better soldiers for Hitler. They did not have enough time to achieve their goals. But since people had longevity in the pre-flood world, they probably achieved some of these evil goals. The goals would have been to create a disproportionate number of giants. They would dominate soldiers in a hand to hand combat society. Note Gen. 6:4. No doubt they had some way to get more of the larger women and larger men to breed. Probably especially the larger men with multiple wives. Probably it was difficult for the weaker men to breed in the system they developed. The system led to more decadence, violence and evil. It became so perverse that God could not tolerate it too much longer. See Gen. 6:5-6. God will resurrect these evil people in the future in a controlled environment where they will have to learn to repent and behave.
How do we know that bad angels did not marry the women? See Matt. 22:30 and Mark 12:25. Angels as spirit beings do not have gender. The question was regarding marrying wives to produce heirs for the estates’ protection. Men are also called the ‘sons of God’ just like angels. Note Psalms 82:6-7. Almost certainly there was a battle between the good society and evil societies which was also a spiritual battle. Unseen spirit influences were encouraging the aggressive evil people. I feel that evil spiritual forces are behind the ‘demon-strations’ that are rocking our society today. We need to pray for the more traditional trends over the unbiblical decadent trends. An unseen spirit war is swirling around us these days just as in the past. Our only weapon is prayer.

Noah grandson Canaan (Ham’s son) defiled his grandfather. It involves some sort of sexual perversion. Note Gen. 9:24-25. This started the decadence of Canaan’s descendant’s. Those nations decadence had finally reached the level of moral decay at which God decided they had to be destroyed. This connection goes only to the days of Noah after the flood and has no direct connection to pre-flood evils.

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